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We build high-performing products for our customers, and offer licensed platforms to our selected operators.

Our Everyday Innovations

Our repertoire spans sophisticated business applications, automations & industry-specific solutions with API integration agility - digital innovations that can scale.

Everyday Building Blocks

The powerhouse behind ecosystems, services, and platforms we build; ideal for accelerating startups. Our product portfolio users benefit from efficient implementation.


Our DevOps & app-building innovation, Raven is a "No-code / Low-code" automation for apps, services & backend deployments. It makes exponential distribution look effortless.


Our learning experience platform is licensed to companies and agencies, worldwide. Falkor empowers licensees to accelerate their digital capabilities, resell platform use, and scale - fast.


Hydra is our frontend, multiple-platform toolkit that is used in over 100 production apps across iOS, Android, and the web.

Falkor · Originator · Product · Strategy

ByteKast LXP: a B2B Platform Licensee

As a licensee of our end-to-end learning platform, Falkor, ByteKast was able to hit the road running. They have successfully grown their brand and appointed sub-licensees who operate as resellers. Everyday provides strategic and technological guidance to accelerate ByteKast's growth.

Read ByteKast LXP Review

Falkor · Originator · Product · Strategy

Trainiac: a Learning Design Agency

Trainiac is a leading learning design company servicing prestigious South African and UK-based enterprise customers in the financial, telecoms, and retail industries. A licensee of our Falkor platform, they are able to provide learning solutions that are pathway-centric, dynamic and modern. Being the platform providers, we function as Trainiac's technology arm - to assist in an advisory capacity, and to manage the platform infrastructure.

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Trusted By

Airshot · Originator · Product · Strategy

Airshot: a Performance, Incentives & Engagement Platform

When Airshot approached us, they were a lean startup team with an idea to develop a performance tracking tool. Everyday helped evolve their concept from idea-phase, through to product-launch to scaling up. Our approach and technology made it possible to build an enterprise-ready product. Today, Airshot is a competitive platform in the South African retail, telemarketing, and distribution space, and we at Everdyay continue to actively champion their strategic growth & vision.

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Product · Support

Acher: Managing Aviation Safety Compliance

Acher is an Aviation company that works with international contractors to provide offshore pilot services. Required to comply with high standards of safety and strict operational procedures, Acher appointed Everyday Digital to create a safety and quality assurance platform that complies with civil aviation authority guidelines. The platform has been maintained and improved on over time, withstanding safety audits by independent auditors from offshore mining conglomerates.

Providing more than technology.

Our customers and licensees benefit from our industry expertise, commercial guidance and tireless taste for improvement.

Managed Technology

We take away the burden of running an in-house development team, allowing you to run a lean operation, focus on business growth, and rely on Everyday to be the tech brain.

Product Creation

We evolve concepts and commercial strategies to create viable, well designed & far-reaching products.

Scale Strategy

Our technology licensing model allows us to create scalable enterprise-level products.

Full Stack + Platform Service

Through our existing technology and expertise, we can provide world-class infrastructures.

Bespoke Development

New product dev or existing product sprints can be rapidly built into our technology stack as bespoke solutions.

Security & Compliance

Our secure technology follows GDPR, OWASP and ISO/IEC 27001 information security standards, and a privacy-by-design approach.


We seek out opportunities to automate repetitive actions to handle high volumes of production and relieving capacity.

Support Tooling

Product documentation, ticket handling, compliance and operational considerations - we assist you in implementing baseline support tools.

Advisory Services

You can lean on our deep knowledge of business processes and technology insights to plan and action your strategic goals.

We love 🥰 all code languages and are platform-agnostic. We work with a multitude of technologies and prefer a fit-for-purpose approach to product development.

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