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Performance & Incentives

Airshot is a white-label SaaS solution that combines performance, incentives, and engagement into a rich experience.

Visualised Data. Real-Time Engagement.

Transform data into powerful, performance-driven graphs & supercharge user engagement. From small teams to big retail, Airshot generates meaningful real-time data analytics and insights.


Convert any data into visually interpreted dashboards & graphs.


Engage with users through tasks, notifications, and activities


Built-in reward system for task and data goal attainment.


Create interactive games for users to win rewards.


Manage virtual or on-location events & bookings.

Group Targeting

Segment dashboards and feeds to single or multiple groups.


Integrate external platforms with API endpoints.

Branded Apps

Build & deploy branded apps for customers.

Powerhouse Ecosystem

Made With Everyday Technology

Airshot is a white-label product offering developed and managed using Everyday Technology. A ready-for-market SaaS solution that is ready to resell.

The Everyday Platform

The powerhouse behind ecosystems, services, and platforms we build.

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No-code automation for app & platform deployments. Effortless distribution.

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Our framework for building elegant white-label, multi-device apps from a single codebase.

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Secure & Compliant

By design, our technology follows recognised legal and security best-practices.

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