Everyday Digital

The Technology That Powers Award-Winning SaaS Products.

Everyday's full-stack tech is behind the ecosystems, services, and platforms we build. Intrinsically designed for scaling startups and enterprise ventures.

3 New Continents

Reseller market expansion in the last 12 months.


Apps deployed to production on AppStore, Google Play, and Web.


Stores engaged in a national campaign run on Airshot.

3 Awards

Prestigious recognition received by resellers.

Go To Market Fast, Ready & Better

The Everyday platform solutions are fully-fledged technology estates, built for the purpose of white-labelling SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) products on a powerful backend that can scale to enterprise level from day one.

White-Label SaaS

Brand multiple apps and SaaS intances for customers.

Multi-Tenant Capable

Manage multiple customer accounts and apps on one instance.

Secure & Compliant

Adheres to a range of legal and security best-practices.

Role & Feature Management

Set roles and feature access dynamically.

Fully Managed

We support our customers with technology resources & roles

Component Rich

Access to the abundance of built-in components.

Support Tooling

Built-in user and customer support features.

High-Scale Microservices

Peripheral high computational services for heavy lifting.

Multi-Revenue Generating

Sell & distribute tenant accounts, branded apps, and licensed SaaS.

Continuous Enhancements

Benefit from improvements to core technology.

Battle Tested

Passed enterprise audits and penetration testing.

API & Webhooks

Integration opportunities through selected endpoints.

Why Build With Us

Tried & Trusted Components. Market Ready.

A major benefit of building SaaS products with Everyday is having access to the abundance of built-in components. This allows for fast, feature-focused development.

Tenant Management

Manage Tenant Accounts, Features & subscriptions.

Account & Team

Self service team and account management.

Role & Access

Dynamic role and access management.


Profile management for single users.


No-Code app building and deployments

App Users & Groups

App and user groups management.

Privacy Framework

Built-in privacy framework with GDPR standards.

Application Security

Built-in security for access, accounts, and protection.

MFA Security

Multi-Factor Authentication capabilities.


Enable for Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

Data Manager

Dynamic data system to integrate to other modules.

Graphing Engine

Engine to render multiple graphs and dashboards.

Push & Mail Notifications

System, app, and backend notifications.

Control Center

Manage and monitor instance and services.


Integrated file and media management.

Integrated Payments

Manage billing and subscriptions with Stripe.

API Manager

Manage API & service accounts for integration.

Background Tasks

Offload-capable for heavy computational tasks.


Automation and parallel task capable.

Artificial Intellegence

Integrated with Google AIs & OpenAI.

Built-in Design System

Tried and tested UI/UX system.

Version Controlled

Version control for major to minor feature releases.

Offsite Backups

Daily offsite backups encrypted at rest.

Cloud or Metal

Capable of running on cloud or on-site instances.

Be a Reseller

Choose your own branded SaaS instance from our selection of market-ready platforms.

Be a Product Partner

Develop a SaaS platform with us. From idea phase to startup or enterprise venture.

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