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Build & Deploy Branded Apps in Minutes

Our DevOps & app-building innovation, Raven, is a No-Code automation for apps, services & backend deployments. It makes exponential distribution effortless.

Compatiable With
Apple App Store Google Play Google Firebase

Expertly Crafted, Built For Scale

With our blueprint technology, building apps on the Everyday platform is incredibly effortless and enjoyable. We designed an intuitive interface for building and deploying apps, and elimated mountains of industry-specific complexity.

Multiple Platforms

Deploy apps to the Web, Google Play, and Apple App Store.

Multiple Destinations

Deploy to your own or your customer's Developer Accounts.

Multiple Deployments

Run multiple app deployments with a single task flow.

Manage Store Listings

Manage store listings for apps from one place.

Automated Screenshots

Enjoy access to automated app screenshots with prebuilt themes.

Create Icons

Create unique app icons from 1000+ variations.

App Designer

Effortlessly configure and theme your apps to suit a brand.

App Settings

Configure sign-in and app options with prebuilt app "flavours".

Hot Configurations

Make changes to selected app settings without redeploying.

Enable Single-Sign-On

Easily configure SSO with trusted authorities.

In-App Subscriptions

Setup and configure with Stripe, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet.

Preview & Test Releases

Deploy previews to app testers on Google Play and the App Store.


Secure & Fault Tolerant by Design

Raven stores the keys & details for destinations in an encrypted format, and for a minimal time only. Once a build machine has verified the destination, these details are then removed/obfuscated.

Fault Tolerant
Raven ensures that apps are shipped issue-free by validating settings and configurations, and observing build errors in flight. This allows for confident correction and redeployment even by non-technical users.

Be a Reseller

Choose your own branded SaaS instance from our selection of market-ready platforms.

Be a Product Partner

Develop a SaaS platform with us. From idea phase to startup or enterprise venture.

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