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Launch Your Own Digital Offering

Get your own instance of a customer-facing SaaS within two weeks - without an internal tech team. Unlock new monetisation opportunities for your business in the form of Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and peripheral services.

Run your own SaaS
Sell Multi-Tenant Accounts
Sell Branded Apps
Managed Infrastructure
Support & Tech Roles
Feature Development Options
Establish New Business Units & Offerings
Resell Multiple SaaS Platforms
Recruit and Sub-License your Own Resellers

Choose Your SaaS

We offer SaaS product licenses to Resellers. Get ahead fast with a world class, white label platform to call your own.



Falkor is a white-label SaaS digital learning solution that offers competitive authoring and distribution tools.



Airshot is a white-label SaaS solution that combines performance, incentives, and engagement into a rich experience.

Powerhouse Ecosystem

Our Technology Stack

From the web down to the metal - we have covered the bases. Existing, replicable technology not only means that we can build new features and platforms faster but also allows for no-code/low-configuration of our SaaS solutions.

The Everyday Platform

The powerhouse behind ecosystems, services, and platforms we build.

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No-code automation for app & platform deployments. Effortless distribution.

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Our framework for building elegant white-label, multi-device apps from a single codebase.

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Secure & Compliant

By design, our technology follows recognised legal and security best-practices.

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Be a Reseller

Choose your own branded SaaS instance from our selection of market-ready platforms.

Be a Product Partner

Develop a SaaS platform with us. From idea phase to startup or enterprise venture.

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