Everyday Digital
2021 - 2023

Our Technology Roadmap

At Everyday, we continuously seek to develop new features and products that have the highest positive impact on our customers. Our roadmap timeline highlights past enhancements, and what we envision for the future.

YEAR 2023

AI-Generated Learning
Article and Nano-Learning generation on general topics with OpenAI WebGPT.

AI Natural Text-to-Voice
Learning text to voice conversion using Google AI.

AI Learning Helper
AI-Driven explainer and helper on learning using Open AI WebGPT.

AI Translation
AI-Driven learning translation using OpenAI WebGPT.

Falkor 3.0
New content types for nano-learning, playlist pathways, and nimble app flavour.

App Website Automation
Automate app marketing & support website for app listing using Everyday Raven.

Branded Reseller Sign Ups for Tenant Accounts
Branded tenant account sign ups to platforms with custom pricing and integration to Stripe.

Attribute Management for Groups
Expand features on group management to create dynamic attributes related to users.

YEAR 2022

App Single-Sign-On
Single-Sign-On integration for Apple, Google, Microsoft on HydraFrost apps.

Falkor Analytics API
Analytics API for platforms using Falkor Digital Learning released with documentation.

Falkor 2.16 - 2.22
Enrollment prompts feature. Design System improved. Various enhancements.

Airshot 2.0 - 2.9
Design System improved. Various enhancements.

Data Manager & Graphing 2.0
Collection capacity increased to 800,000 cells. Improved caching & graphing output. Custom intervals, goal ring logs, rank changes & graph export.

Airshot Multi-Feed
Multiple activity feeds, activity search & activity points.

Airshot Data Goal Rewards
Award users that reach their targets.

Airshot Activity Logs API
Activity logs API released for platforms using Airshot.

YEAR 2021

Falkor Pathways
Create journey-driven learning experience. Presented as pathways, learners can complete on-app and off-app activities.

Falkor Streams
Curate podcast and YouTube episodes. Video & audio streams can be published to your audience. Create your own podcast channel.

No-Code solution to creating, deploying, and managing customer apps.